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GURPS Fallout

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The History
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2052: The Resource Wars

Due to the dwindling supplies of Oil, Timer, and other natural resources, the modern nations begin a futile grab for the last precious drops. Many third-world nations go bankrupt and civil-war spreads like a plague. The UN is disbanded. The US closes it's borders to the flood of immigrants. Europe and the Middle East begin a bloody war. Neighbor battles neighbor. Tensions are high.

2053: The New plague

As many nations prepare for war, a new strain of socially transmittable virus begins to spread across the world. Rumors persist that it was genetically created. The first ever national US quarantine is placed in effect. Science searches for a cure.

2054: The Vaults

A small nuclear exchange in the Middle East brings the threat of Nuclear war to the minds of the world. Soon afterward, the US begins an ambitious project. In key population areas of America, city size bomb shelters are to be built. This project code named "Safehouse" progresses at a great rate due to advances in construction technology.

2057: The FEV-1

A small group of scientists in Southern California searching for a cure to the New Plague genetically engineer a new virus. This designer virus, when introduced into an organism, would eradicate all forms of viruses and leave the host completely unharmed. When tested on laboratory animals, the virus stimulated growth of brain tissue and increased muscle mass. Prolonged exposure lead to progressive enhancement. This virus was named the FEV-1 or Forced Evolutionary Virus - 1.

As a side note, it is mentioned that the virus had unpredictable effects under high radiation.

2059: Anchorage Front-line. The US begins an armored campaign in the newly occupied lands of Alaska. The Alaskan pipeline no longer provides US with fuel. Many military vehicles are rendered inoperable without fuel.

2060: The traffic on the streets of the world stop moving. Fuel becomes to precious to waste on Automobiles, so gasoline is not made available to the open public. Electric cars begin to be manufactured, but the factories can only produce small amounts while conserving fuel. The US economy teeters on bankruptcy.

2063: The completion of the Safehouse project. These huge shelters nicknamed "Vaults" are completely self sufficient and are made to house up to 1000 people for 10 years. Siren "Shelter drills" are put into effect across the country.

2065: Due to enormous demands for electricity, a nuclear reactor in New York City almost goes critical. The near meltdown brings into effect electricity rationing.

2066: The US begins a long and bloody war with China.

2071: The government relocates the FEV project into a newly formed secret installation in South-Western California. The goal of the project is to make the virus safe for human use.

2075: Playing God

The scientists working with the FEV began testing the virus in a human host. The experiments are conducted in small quarantined towns in Northern America. The populous begins introducing the FEV into their systems. The subjects become healthier almost overnight as all cancers and illnesses are broken down and devoured by FEV-1. After two months, all this changes. The subjects experience abnormal brain tissue growth that causes insanity in many patients. Unusual deformities slowly follow. Some subjects experience infertility or a severe form of leprosy; some even experience altering skeletal growth.

The Virus, which is carried by white blood-cells, is found to actually latch itself onto the host's DNA spiral causing unpredictable mutations.

The scientists begin working on a FEV-2.

2076: The Panic

The News of the FEV experiments somehow leak. The information is slowly pieced together by the News Media. The governments of the world fear what the US is up to. Speculating anything from trying to make a breed of super soldier, to trying to make Hitler's master race, they begin to panic.

2077: Armageddon

It is not known which country pressed the button first. On October 23, 2077, dozens of 20 kiloton warheads are on their way to their US targets.

The Shelter Drill sirens begin to wail. Many US citizens ignore the warning believing it to be just another false alarm. The few that heed, are sealed within their sheltering vaults.

The Americans, unable to stop all the incoming missiles with satellite defenses, launch a counterstrike at the offending country. Other countries, seeing the US's missiles on their way, fire their warheads as well. What ensues is two hours of nuclear bombardment upon the earth's surface.

A week after the initial blast, a black rain begins to fall. Plants and animals both go rapidly into extinction.

War..War never changes